Grant is a sixteen-year old, struggling with a Mitochondrial Disease, who has a passion for projects and putting things together. He enjoys spending hours following directions and creating something “really cool.” He’s a LEGO pro and he hates to stop construction once he gets started and the bigger the better; consequently, his wish could not be a one and done! His wish began by being a VIP at the LEGO Store at the MOA where the team surprised him with his name built out of these popular building blocks; along with his service dog, Shadow, and a brick head version of Grant himself. Grant decided on buying the Death Star and the Excavator LEGO sets…with a total of almost 8,000 pieces and he will be able to make more purchases over the next several months. Wishes & More was happy to kick off this wish recently at the MOA and we look forward to hearing which sets he uses his LEGO wish allowance for in the future!