Social workers play large roles in our wish kid’s lives as they match them with opportunities that are needed as they go through their medical journeys.  Frequently, social workers are the referral sources to match wish kids with our organization – which is what happened when Gabby’s family was introduced to WAM.  Gabby and her two sisters had recently been adopted by a couple from Baxter and the adoption social worker told the family about Wishes & More.  She, of course, knew about Gabby’s very serious medical and developmental issues, as well as the VP shunt that alleviates fluid build-up on her brain.    This special social worker wanted to ensure that Gabby had the opportunity to get a wish and we appreciate that she shared with the family that we are here to serve kids with critical medical conditions.  Gabby and her sisters were adopted in August 2020, and they are excited to create magical memories with their forever family.

Wishes & More learned about Gabby’s love of singing, crafts and Disney princesses.  Her ultimate wish was to be able to experience Disney World with her sisters, where she could realize her dream of becoming a Disney Princess!  Wishes & More made Gabby’s wish come true, and with the help of Give Kids the World, Gabby and her family embarked on a fantastic family adventure!  Lucky Star, the Give Kids the World resident unicorn, amazed them by solving math problems by tapping her hoof; the family ate ice cream before bed every night; the girls enjoyed pampering at the Twinkle Hope’s Rockin’ Spa; AND the family celebrated Gabby and her twin sister, Jazalyn’s golden birthdays while they were there!  Mom remarked, “I couldn’t be any more appreciative!  From sun up to sun down, it was amazing!”  Wishing this sweet family a lifetime of love and a healthy future for our girl, Gabby!

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