Corbin is an avid outdoorsman and loves anything to do with hunting, fishing, exploring, and trail riding.  He also loves being out on the water and hanging out at his family cabin in Aitkin.  In the Spring of 2019, Corbin suddenly began vomiting on a regular basis. His parents were concerned but had a hard time getting answers on the cause.  They began the elimination process and wondered if it was dietary issues or something stress related. The actual cause was never considered until an MRI revealed the unwanted news – brain cancer. Corbin’s tumor was the size of a golf ball and doctor’s immediately started treatments.  This thirteen-year-old fought through a very delicate tumor-removal surgery; another surgery to put in a port; a chemo protocol; and radiation.  Throughout this agonizing regimen, his entire family endured months of anxiety about the outcome of all of these frightening procedures.

As the end of treatments drew near, his mom reached out to Wishes & More to see if there was something we could do to support him.  As we learned about his love of the outdoors, we knew Corbin’s wish would be something that he could enjoy at the cabin. After spending so many months cooped up inside, he ultimately decided that his number one wish was for a multi-purpose boat for fishing and for water sports.  After receiving the news that Wishes & More would provide a Boat Allowance Wish for Corbin, the family immediately began shopping for the perfect one and purchased a Crestliner Phantom from Tracker Boating Center in Brainerd.  This boat will be perfect for both fishing and water sports, such as tubing, skiing, and knee-boarding! After signing the purchase agreement, the family jumped on board to get a couple photos to keep the anticipation going until they can bring the boat to the cabin in May.  Mom wrote, “You can’t tell by the pictures but he is smiling ear to ear!”  We can’t wait to see photos of Corbin’s first catch of the season once the ice is out and the boat hits the water for the first time.  Wishing Corbin and his family a lifetime of memories with their new boat!   

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