Four years ago, Edward was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at age 5. This diagnosis shrunk his world, which soon revolved around constant doctor visits and medical procedures. Throughout the pandemic, he and his family had to be very, very careful due to the lack of his immune system, so even leaving the house made them nervous. Just before the quarantine, we interviewed him to find out what his wish would be. His older sister helped with translation since their first language is Mandarin, and we found that Edward loves LEGOs, Monster Trucks, and wanted an adventure! He has never left Minnesota and he was excited to share that his wish was to visit Give Kids The World in Florida so he could experience the magic of the theme parks. With the pandemic concerns, we planned his trip not once, not twice, but THREE times and the third time was the charm! Edward and his family flew to Florida in July 2022 for his wish-come-true. They spent so much time exploring the parks that they didn’t even have time to swim! But that was okay with this active dude – he said the fireworks were amazing and when we asked Edward what he loved most, he simply said, “Disney World!” Enjoy this guy’s infectious smile!

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