Collin is a car-loving kid so when our wish team was deciding on who would be the best-suited Wish Wizards to interview Collin and help him open up to talk about all of the options for a wish, we solicited our friend Mark Muhlstein to join Karla Blomberg with the interview.  Mark is also a car-enthusiast and happens to own a 2013 Lamborghini LP570-4 Superleggera, a 2020 Shelby GT500 CFTP, AND a 2005 Mustang GT850R.  Collin can be shy sometimes, but when he found out about Mark’s cars, he opened right up and ran off to get his model cars to show off and tell him about all of their cool features.  You may remember meeting Collin at the Winter Ball in May – his number one wish ended up being a Disney World trip which the family of seven left on the following day. (Collin – Wishes & More® (

We always strive to make each wish as unique as the child and in Collin’s case, we wanted to tap into his love of cars to do “More!”  So in addition to getting his Disney wish, we set up a day for Collin and Mark to meet up at the AutoMotorPlex in Medina to see Mark’s supercars in person and for Collin to get to experience a ride in the Lamborghini and Shelby.  After his day touring Mark’s garage condo at AutoMotorPlex, Dad told Mark that on the way home Collin said he had more fun than the Florida trip…well – that’s not exactly how we planned it – but we’re happy to know that in Collin’s case, his wish came true with both of his special experiences!  We can’t thank Mark enough for his generosity in helping us as a volunteer Wish Wizard AND as a Magic Maker in helping us do more to uplift our kids and families! 

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