In January one of our board members missed our meeting in order to be with her family to commemorate a special birthday. We joined her in spirit as they gathered to celebrate Alyssa’s 12th heavenly birthday. Amy brings a very important perspective to our board and we are honored to share her beautiful & poignant message on how she got involved:

“I am currently on the board for Wishes & More, but our relationship with the organization began when our daughter, Alyssa, passed away as a baby. We received a memorial as she was never able to have a wish granted. And, at a time that was so overwhelming, it was pretty incredible to receive such a generous gift and to know that others were thinking of our family. We used the money to help buy a plot at Lakewood Cemetery for Alyssa to be buried. It’s the most gorgeous location, overlooking the lake, and a special place for us to visit; and, for that, we will forever be grateful.

Since that time we’ve become more involved and what I really love about Wishes & More, is that it feels like family. It’s a small organization where every family, donation, and supporter mean the world to them and truly make a difference in their ability to keep doing their work.

I can’t say enough about how they’ve welcomed our family and always made us feel like we are an important part of the organization. We’ve always felt we mattered, and what we are doing matters…and after losing a child, well, that’s really all you want is for people to remember and care. Our hope is that each Wishes & More family feels that they too are welcomed into this community of care and support.”

Happy Birthday, Alyssa. We send you love……

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