Thirteen-year-old Addie began experiencing pain in her right leg that came from nowhere and wasn’t going away.   This led to numerous scans and testing and no one in her family will forget September of 2021 when they determined the source – B-Cell Lymphoma.  Mom describes her as “humble, kind, strong, brave, and a very driven individual that always gives 110% to everything she does.” And that’s how she took on her cancer diagnosis and treatments, with determination and an incredibly positive outlook.

When Wishes & More volunteers met with Addie, she mentioned the desire to visit the ocean and see the parks in Florida and to share it with her parents and four siblings. Through many months of setbacks, trials, and painful treatments, she fought hard and made sure that she kept her wish at the forefront to keep her going!  And just one year after her diagnosis rocked her world, she was enjoying her dream-come-true in Orlando.  One of the most memorable moments of the trip came on the one-year anniversary of her diagnosis, when she put her name on a Star at the Castle of Miracles at Give Kids the World.  It was a special moment for the family to see Addie’s star amongst the 180,000 other stars, which represent each wish child who’s stayed at the village.  She also enjoyed Magic Kingdom and the whole family loved the endless ice cream and sugary drinks (and no dishes!)!  Afterwards, Mom wrote in her CaringBridge, “You all have been an absolute pleasure to work with and were so kind, caring and accommodating throughout the process. You have blessed her with a week full of fun and memories to last a lifetime and an opportunity and experience we couldn’t have given her! Bless you all for the work you do and the hearts and lives you touch along the way!” 

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