All things are not created equal for siblings and that goes for triplets as well. Victor, a triplet from Columbia Heights, was born with a rare syndrome called Polymicrogyria that, among other things, causes epileptic episodes. This sweet 10-year-old shares many things with his brothers, but fortunately they don’t share this diagnosis. As Victor has gotten older, he has become more curious about his condition and is eager to meet others who suffer from the same condition. When our volunteers met with this sweet seven-year-old in Fall of 2019, he talked about his desire to attend a conference that takes place every other year in California for families who have a child with polymicrogyria syndrome. We know that it can be scary having no one around you who truly understands what you are going through and Wishes & More was excited to begin planning this very specific wish that would provide Victor and his family the opportunity to meet other family members, caretakers, professionals, and researchers! Unfortunately, due to COVID, the conference was cancelled in 2020…and then again in 2021. Victor’s desire to attend this event never wavered throughout the postponements and finally when it was scheduled for July 2022, we jumped at the opportunity to make Victor’s wish a reality! At the conference, Victor met a boy with his exact variation of PMG! Mom said the boys hit it off remarkably and already have plans to keep in touch. The family was also able to extend their trip for a couple days, spending a lot of time at the ocean and two half days at Disneyland. We are so happy that Victor and his brothers had a great time and that this wish was one worth waiting for! Special thanks to Alan’s Big Blue Bike Ride Fundraiser for adopting Victor’s wish!