“Hi!  My name is Treynor!  My Disney Wish was the best week ever!  I got to go to a special place with my parents that had a splash pad so I could run through the sprinklers and play dinosaur putt-putt whenever I wanted.  My favorite part was meeting Mickey Mouse.  He was SO big!  He must be from Minnesota because he was wearing white “mittens.”  My Dad liked the ice cream, too, and Mom said she liked just being with me and dad for a whole week.  I’m so glad Wishes & More let me go on the trip and fly in an airplane!”


Treynor’s life isn’t what you’d call “normal” for a kid, but it’s the life he knows and he spends it showing off his big, engaging smile!  Six year old boys shouldn’t know about hospital stays or heart surgery and countless doctor visits.  They should be rough housing and eat, eat, eating – not having therapy to learn how to eat without a feeding tube before he enters kindergarten this Fall.


Wishes & More focuses on kids who face these challenges & our efforts are to do all we can to create bright spots on dark days.  Take Treynor, a huge fan of Mickey Mouse – we sent him to Disney World earlier this summer so that he could meet the big guy and get some fun and carefree time with his loving Mom and Dad.  Mom commented, “it was the most stress-free time we’ve ever had” and both parents delighted in watching every lick of ice cream and every smile he shared all week long.

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