Sam’s dad died when he was eleven leaving Mom the responsibility to raise three children alone. She sat in the stands from little league baseball to high school sports. She cheered Sam on as a South Saint Paul Packer and proudly helped him pack for his move to UMD on an academic scholarship. Right before loading the car to leave, she also sat next to him as he was given the devastating news that a tumor the size of a football was in his chest.

After a month of grueling treatments, Sam met with Wishes & More. He remained positive and looking ahead as he described his wish: “Pebble Beach. Augusta National. Bubba Watson!” Wishes & More got the picture and promptly invited him to be a guest at the Wishes & More Golf Classic where he heard the news that his wish to golf at Pebble Beach was going to come true.

In his Mother’s words: “Sam came home after hearing that his wish was going to happen and was on top of the world! He was beyond excited when he told us about his day and the wish. As I went in his room last night to make one final check before I headed to bed, I found Sam dozing off smiling. It warmed my heart beyond words! I thought to myself as I leaned over and kissed his cheek, I am thankful to everyone involved in Wishes & More®. In this same bed that I have cried with Sam, held him, helped clean him up after getting sick, given him countless pills in, encouraged him to keep breathing with me, and begged him to not quit fighting for his life, he is finally able to look forward to the things to come. Sam was able to go to sleep thinking about his dream of golfing at Pebble Beach, and not all of the horrors that he has lived this last year. What an amazing gift.”

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