Some people show their grit and potential success at a very young age. But at six weeks old?? When Sam was an infant, his parents learned that he suffered from a Congenital Heart Disorder and his lifelong battle began. Surgeries were scheduled and hospital stays became a normal part of his life. Thankfully, he’s been treated with a great medical team and they have anticipated and scheduled the majority of his surgeries proactively. He recently experienced an extreme reaction to a specific medication, but once again, his medical team was able to sort it out and he’s back on track.

Sam has handled everything that his medical condition has thrown at him and he isn’t letting anything stand in his way of his future dreams. He knows it is going to take focus and determination and he has both! After applying to 11 schools and getting accepted into each of them, he has decided on Valparaiso in Indiana for their healthcare administration program. His ultimate goal is to attend Law School and follow in his dad’s footsteps as a Personal Injury Attorney. He acknowledges that his education aspirations are going to be very expensive and after speaking with our wish team, educational assistance soon rose to the top of his “wish list”. Sam also has a huge heart for those who are experiencing many of the emotional trials and painful treatments that he endured, so he volunteers his time at his local Children’s Hospital and has served on their Teen Advisory Council. Wishes & More is very proud to support this amazing teen with his professional goals, with not only an educational allowance wish, but also with our Scholarship of Hope® funding as he continues on with his schooling for the next few years! Look out world, here he comes!

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