Everybody loves “small world” connections that weave through our lives. Like those people you meet on vacation in Florida, who knew your best friend when they were kids. Or in this case, the two little girls diagnosed with a very similar cancer who live in small towns just 20 miles from each other – who BOTH received wishes from Wishes & More. In June 2022, we shared the story about how Lillian, who received her wish in 2019, had the fun in being able to tell another young lady named Rya that her wish was approved and going to come true!  Both girls were thrilled and, in fact, joined forces after that “wish reveal” to do a fundraiser in their hometown raising over $6,000 for Wishes & More – Rockin’ Warriors | Facebook!

Recently, Rya’s family took off on her Wish Trip to Florida and from start to finish, it was a blast! They started out by staying overnight in a beautiful room generously donated by the Intercontinental Hotel at the airport. Rya and her brother loved looking out the window and watching the planes landing and taking off all evening long! The next day, they were met by our Airport Greeter volunteer, Brett, who brought them to the gate and entertained the kids the whole way! And our friends at Delta were also amazing and invited the family into the Delta Sky Club to hang out before their flight! Then, when they got to Florida, they made their way to Give Kids the World and all the parks. They had a blast going on rides and Mom shared, “The parks were a thrill for all of us! I wasn’t sure how the kids would handle rides since we’ve never experienced anything like that as a family. It turns out, they couldn’t get enough! They loved rollercoasters and simulator rides the best. Rya was thankful she wasn’t tall enough for the upside-down rides. Rya’s VIP experience allowed us to enjoy so much more of all of the parks by decreasing our wait times. We took advantage of the photo pass as well allowing us to have a lot of pictures with all four of us! I’m not certain we can effectively express how grateful we are to have the memories to cherish forever!” Those smiles say it all – Wish Granted!