Rya & Lillian

Superheroes with Super Kids are back at it again this Summer, helping us bring joy through their “MORE” opportunity for a few of our wish kids who love superheroes.  To kick off our season of partnership, we thought a “Wish Reveal” at the Superhero Command Center was in order – and who better to tell a wish kid that their wish is coming true, than a former wish recipient!  You may remember Lillian, who received her wish for a family trip to Duluth in 2019.  When we asked her to be the one to surprise Rya about her Disney World wish, she was thrilled!  Both families were invited to a secret location for a couple of hours for lunch and to take in an amazing “Goods and Gadgets” facility.  But when Batman arrived and opened up a wall to the Batcave, they BOTH were surprised by what was on the other side!  Video games and life-size models of superheroes awaited them; as well as the Batmobile, a Pink Cadillac, the Mystery Machine and members of the St. Louis Park Fire and Police Department.  The entire group took a ride to the Park Tavern for dessert and that’s when Lillian pulled another surprise on her new friend, Rya. Lillian had the honor to let her know that her wish was approved and the planning had begun!  After their battles with Leukemia, both of these two young ladies deserve a Wishes & More wish-come-true.  Thanks to our 2022 Rockstars, Steve & Sunhi Schussler, for being a part of our extraordinary team that works hard to make each wish experience magical!  

Rya and Lillian
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