Rosie is a 18-year-old with a rare genetic disease called Tuberous Sclerosis which causes benign tumors to grow in many parts of her body. She is developmentally at the age of a three year old and is unable to verbally communicate so she expresses herself with hand gestures. But she doesn’t need to speak when she shows her delight with noises, movement and lights!  When Wishes & More spoke with Rosie’s parents, a sensory room was something they thought could be very beneficial to her. Sensory rooms are designed for the individual to be able to better self-regulate their emotional, physical, and physiological responses and Rosie no longer has some of these therapy opportunities that was offered in school.  We believed it to be a wonderful wish for her and she is sparkling along with the flickering lights and different, captivating aspects of her new sensory room. Her mom said: “Rosie’s sensory gym is finally done!!  She is loving it…so is everyone else that stops by!!  A HUGE BIG THANKS from Rosie and the rest of us!!”

Thank you John and Shelly Monson for sponsoring Rosie’s wish and giving her a room makeover where she can learn and play!

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