Meet Rory! This artsy, creative teen recently endured a reconstructive surgery on her mouth, just one of the major health issues that she deals with due to her condition – Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. When Rory was six-years-old, she was diagnosed with this rare genetic condition and it has caused numerous issues for this kind young lady, including aortic valve insufficiency disease, malaise reconditioning, myopathy and insufferable pain. After the long physical healing process from this recent surgery, Rory was ready for some emotional healing on her wish trip. When we met with Rory, we learned more about the joy she finds in art and drawing and her goal is to be a Disney artist someday!

In early January, Rory and family jetted away from the cold to experience Disney World, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter World and Universal Studios. During their stay at Give Kids The World she was given the opportunity to meet with their graphic designer, John, who imagined and brought to life their new ice cream shop – Henri’s Starlite Scoops, opening in March! Rory was also privy to a special meet/greet with Heather, a Disney Imagineer, at Animal Kingdom. The entire family was able to go behind-the-scenes to meet & learn about the resident hyenas – she even used a stick to scratch their backs! After seeing them in action, she joined a Drawing Lab workshop to recreate Ed – the goofy hyena from the original Lion King movie!

These special bonus activities made Rory’s trip all the more extraordinary and we’re happy that we were be able to incorporate her artist love into her wish. We hope these memorable experiences will help her achieve her dreams as a professional artist some day!

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