Picture a ten-year-old who loves to be active, but lives with a dependence on regular blood transfusions to stay alive.  That’s the life of our Regina.  She has a dangerous genetic condition that requires constant monitoring due to episodes of extremely low oxygen that may lead to organ failure – you can imagine the stress this puts on her parents! Despite it all, this young lady is up for adventure! She told our Wish Wizards that her greatest wish is to travel to Thailand with her mother and little brother to visit extended family who she’s never met! Phone calls with cousins just aren’t the same as meeting them and hanging out in person, so Wishes & More made this special reunion a wish-come-true! Regina spent over 24 hours on a plane and once there, she spent time getting to know her family, eating as many new foods as possible, and exploring the Thai countryside. Regina was able to have extended time in her grandmother’s homeland, staying with aunts, uncles & cousins.  Her favorite part was swimming in the warm river waters, since it’s summer in Thailand right now.  We know that this reunion wish created very special memories for the entire family, and we also know that we were able to take stress off the table while they created these precious memories! 

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