Milo was a very happy baby, but as he grew, he started exhibiting problems with movement of his limbs, especially his right arm.  At 6-months-old, his parents knew something serious was wrong. After a whirlwind roller coaster of procedures and testing, his doctors confirmed that Milo has cerebral palsy caused by a congenital brain malformation. He also experiences a host of various complications, including seizures and functional disabilities.  Consequently, he requires a grueling physical therapy regimen to help give him the range of movement and motor skills he needs to thrive. For example, to help Milo move his right arm, he had his good arm put in a cast so that he would be compelled to use his bad arm. This helped him gain strength and usage in his bad arm; however, it was a difficult, frustrating, and trying time for Milo and his entire family.  When thinking about the perfect wish for Milo, his parents discussed wanting to help him continue to improve in physical therapy because he often gets overwhelmed with not being able to move the way he desires. Milo likes being active – he especially loves playing outside and watching the slew of animals the family has on their land. Mom & Dad decided that a special playset would be the perfect wish to encourage Milo to do his therapy exercises in a fun environment! He can use the bars to improve his grip, and the swings to refine his balance. Although Milo needs to be supervised while utilizing the playset, it gives him the freedom to use his improved motor functions to do what he loves: playing outdoors. Milo received his playset in early November and mom wrote a note to Wishes & More shortly after. “He absolutely loves [the playset]. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful gift. It will be used for many years to come strengthening Milo and providing great play and memories!”   

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