Lyla is a strong, kind-hearted girl who battles with Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma, a brain tumor. Although she fights with her condition every day, she also continues to learn new words, play with her friends at daycare and relish the attention from every adult who just can’t get enough of her. We could see how lively, smart and spirited she was as soon as we met her. Wishes & More designed a magical adventure for this little princess – a trip to Disney World!

Her mom wrote:
“All in all this was an AWESOME trip we will remember forever. I am proud to say that our family has been through a lot of things and what could have made us fall apart has brought us all much closer together. Getting a chance to get away and spend time just enjoying each other was a true gift and we are SO THANKFUL to Wishes & More for giving us that chance.”

Thank you John and Margie Wiehoff for sponsoring Lyla’s wish and allowing her and her family to spend a magical vacation together!

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