Luke loves Barney, Thomas the Train, playing with his toy cars, and cuddling up with Mom and Dad to read books. Luke’s wish was for the chance to meet Barney in person, and to go to Disney World.  Wishes & More® sent Luke, his parents and two sisters to Orlando for a worry-free week of family bonding and building of unforgettable memories.  They kept busy having fun at the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM, Sea World, Universal Studios and swimming in the hotel pool.  The trip’s highlight was after the family watched Barney Live at Universal Studios and Luke’s ultimate wish came true – he visited with Barney face-to-face at a special meet and greet after the show!
Read an excerpt from his Mother’s journal on his CaringBridge site dated Sunday, May 7, 2006: “We all had a wonderful time at Disney last week, and Luke was able to really enjoy himself on his Wish trip.  Other than a twelve hour bug Luke got the second night we were there (getting sick to his stomach every couple of hours, but thank God no fever) Luke was feeling almost extremely well.  Only a few “owie tummy’s” here and there… It is almost as though the Disney Magic took all his pain and worries away until we got home late Friday afternoon… he was not tired all the time, and was able to walk around the parks with almost no pain, riding in the stroller less than his big sister Alexa! “When we were told our child was sick, I think shock was our first reaction, followed by anger, and fear.  One day you’re all worried about stuff that doesn’t even matter, and the next day you find out your child needs to fight for their life.  It is an awful helpless feeling that no family should have to face.  At Walt Disney World, we watched Luke hug and kiss all the Disney characters he came in contact with, giving them high fives, clapping, and playing with his truck with them, without a worry in the world.  Tears filled up in my eyes as I watched some of this interaction.”

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