Have you ever wondered what the “MORE” in our name means?  Well, here’s an example of how we try to do more than just a wish. Ten-year-old Lucy  was adopted from China at age four and had she remained there, it is likely she would not have survived. Thankfully, her loving parents brought her home to Minnesota with the resolution to give her every opportunity to thrive as possible – and she is an incredibly happy girl!

Lucy let our volunteer Wish Wizards know that her greatest wish is to be able to walk. While we would have loved to help her walk, we had to let her know that the magic of a wish doesn’t reach quite that far. Luckily, she was prepared with a close second: to go to a Vikings game and play catch with a player! We recently reached out to The Thielen Foundation and it happened to be that their youth camp was taking place in-person this summer and they invited Lucy to be  Adam’s special guest at the camp with a one-on-one special interaction with #19!  Adam was incredibly gracious and spent quite a bit of time getting to know Lucy AND play a game of catch with her so she could show off her wicked spiral. (Enjoy the video of her interaction – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aASb8-RVXWE) He even called her the “all-time quarterback” during their time together!  We will also be sending Lucy to a Viking’s Game this season to grant her wish in full – but today we wanted to share this extra special opportunity that Lucy enjoyed while she waits for her ultimate wish come true.  It’s all a part of our “More!” 

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