Meet Delaney (aka Laney)! Her loving parents received the devastating news that she suffers from a rare genetic disorder, INAD, and her prognosis is very poor. Knowing that her life will be measured in memories, and not years, all her family can do now is make her comfortable and address symptoms as they develop. Laney’s family would like to make as many memories with her as possible, which is why her parents wished on her behalf for season memberships to classic MN family fun locales! Additionally, supporter and photographer Heather agreed to help Laney and her family capture some smiles, which are the photos you see here. After the photoshoot, Board Member and Wish Wizard Amy presented Laney with her wish: passes to SeaLife (through Merlin’s Magic Wand), Minnesota Children’s MuseumStages Theatre Company, the MN Zoo and the Shoreview Community Center. Mom’s team at the University of Minnesota also contributed to Laney’s wish with gift cards to the Mall of America, DoorDash, Target and a donut party!

Mom said after the presentation, “Where do I begin? I’ll be honest, this email has to be brief because I’m a total mushy disaster today. Yesterday I finally got myself to open the packet with the WAM details and it was extremely overwhelming. The hard work you and your team did to put together the most amazing year of activities for Laney and our family is, well, a lot. I don’t have words, but I’m extremely grateful and am full of emotion… It means the WORLD to us.” We will gladly share more photos of their adventures once they visit her wish destinations, and we hope to hear many good things about Laney’s MN family fun wish!

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