Kip is a sweet, smiley four-month-old who was born with a fused esophagus and trachea.  The first months of Kip’s life were torturous for Kip’s family as he underwent an unsuccessful surgery shortly after birth.  Kip was quite a little fighter though and the next step was to have emergency surgery in Boston.  Mom & Dad connected with Wishes & More and made a wish on his behalf for us to support their family of three and keep the family together in Boston as Kip traveled to receive this important and potentially life-saving surgery.  Wishes & More jumped to action and provided a rush wish for Kip’s family to fly and stay in Boston and be together in the hospital. Thankfully, the surgery was a success and he recovered in Boston surrounded by his family. Kip’s fragile body has since recovered from the surgery but he will continue to battle his condition with his family by his side.

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