You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more inquisitive mind than Kingston’s, especially when it comes to outer space! This twelve-year-old from White Bear Lake can often be found with his gaze turned upward. Kingston came to Wishes & More because he has a rare, life-threatening blood disorder that causes the formation of blood clots in his body. He is constantly at risk of kidney, heart, and brain dysfunction. To take his mind off these scary thoughts, we started the wish process with a fun interview to discuss his top three wishes. The clear top wish was Give Kids The World in Florida to visit the Disney parks, explore Florida, and go to the beach. His most important stop though, was Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral.  He was excited to learn more about space exploration and check out all the cool equipment, gadgets, and gizmos! During the wish interview, he was also considering wishing for a telescope, but ultimately decided that the Florida Parks was his #1. 

With his love of space in mind, Wishes & More teamed up with the MN Astronomical Society for an unforgettable “wish reveal”! We invited his family to the observatory in Norwood Young America to learn about astronomy from the Society’s volunteers. He had no idea we had set this up to surprise him with the news that we had scheduled his wish trip! After the surprise, the MN Astronomical Society showed him the sun, moon, star clusters, and even Saturn through their massive telescope. They also gifted him with a membership to the Society AND his very own telescope! He later told us his new favorite hobby is using his telescope to truly study the stars and planets beyond the naked eye.  Fast-forward about a month and Kingston’s Give Kids The World wish came true!  He checked everything off his must-see list. His mom let us know that “the trip was amazing. Everyone was so hospitable. Kingston always had a smile on his face.” We love bringing unique wishes like Kingston’s to life and are so glad we could inspire his smiles with a wish-come-true!

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