All of our wish kids and families struggle with uncertainty and the stress and anxiety it brings from the first moment they receive their diagnosis. ‘What do we have to go through to get to the end? How far off is that day when we can put this behind us?’ When we formed Wishes & More, we knew that our families needed hope & a future to look forward to and, consequently, we created our Scholarship of Hope® program as a shining light in the form of a higher education financial gift.

We know the impact that painful treatments & scary diagnoses have on our kids – so this promise, in addition to the anticipation of a Wish, is truly a magical concoction. We recently received this beautiful note back from a young lady named Kendra.

“It is so crazy to think that just over a year ago my family and I were having such an amazing time [on my wish] in Jamaica. Actually, about two weeks after we got back from the trip we found out that my cancer had relapsed. I spent another couple months in the hospital, received a bone marrow transplant and by the grace of God, I just celebrated one year cancer free on March 21st. My initial diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia, along with spending so much time inpatient is what made me want to become a nurse. The nurses I had while in treatment saved my life in so many ways, they inspired me more than I can put into words. Thank you so much for everything you and Wishes and More do. I feel like you can’t possibly hear that enough considering all the amazing things you are constantly involved in. As for my family we are all doing well, trying not to step on each others toes too much during this quarantine. Wishing you well during this time!”

We love hearing these stories, seeing the positive impact we’ve had on our wish kids, and continuing to support them in achieving their future aspirations.

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