Juniper is a 4-year-old from La Porte, MN who suffers from a brain dysfunction called Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy. Her three siblings are very active and love playing outdoors on their acreage. Sadly, due to her condition and physical limitations, Juniper was often left behind and in the house. Her parents talked about their wish for her to be included in family outdoor activities. Their vision was for a cleared and graded circular ½ mile trail through their wooded backyard so they could push her wheelchair on family walks and have Juniper enjoy the sights and sounds of the nature surrounding their home. Juniper loves to hear birds and feel the warm breeze and these family walks will allow them special bonding time in an environment they all enjoy. This past Fall, the path was cleared of trees and brush, and the gravel was poured thanks to the generous donation from Anderson Brothers Construction Company and Sunshine Lawn & Landscape LLC.

Recently we delivered a wooden trail sign: “Juniper’s Trail” – along with a trail camera, a bird feeder and garden flags. Juniper’s wish was featured in our heartfelt tribute video at the 2022 Winter Ball and we invite you to enjoy watching this sweet video with voice overs from Mom and one of her adoring siblings.

Wishing this family years of beautiful memories on this special trail. Our sincere and huge thanks to John & Shelly Monson for Adopting this Wish and to Ted Bottelberghe, Scheels, and Crabtree’s Garden Gate LLC for being Wish Contributors and donating the trail sign, trail camera and accessories!