Fifteen-year-old Julie is an outgoing, but quiet, young lady who suffers from a serious genetic disorder resulting in fragile & brittle bones; it also confines her to a wheelchair. Julie is a “family” girl and her condition also restricts her from participating in activities that are an important part of her family’s culture. Every weekend throughout hunting season, Julie’s family works together to trek off into the woods and hunt for seasonal game. Julie expressed her wish to have the clothing and the equipment necessary to be able to participate and not be left behind.

Her wish began with gathering all the gear necessary for her to enjoy this year’s season – from a ground blind that could house her wheelchair, to hunting clothes & boots, to getting a Crossbow custom sited for her and ready to go. Her favorite part was realizing that there was a crossbow that could be perfectly fitted for her – light weight and more compact that she could use on her own! Julie shared with a big smile, “I didn’t think I’d ever be able to hold a crossbow on my own, until today.”

Just a few weeks into hunting season, Julie fired her new fitted crossbow and took her very own deer. Mom shared photos and talked about how incredibly happy and proud she is to have contributed to the venison supply for the year. Hunting stocks the family freezer and this year, some of the meals will be credited to the girl who was once left behind. Congrats on your first deer, Julie – we know it will not be your last!

Thank you Crazy Fresh Produce for sponsoring Julie’s wish!

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