When Jayden was two years old, he came down with a persistent cough and cold-like symptoms. His parents waited for the “virus” to go away and when it didn’t, mom took him to various doctors before an x-ray revealed  frightening news – Jayden had a large mass in his chest. Immediately admitted into Children’s, he was subjected to a multitude of tests and ultimately, the doctors identified the mass as a malignant tumor between his lung and heart.

The size of the tumor and Jayden’s young age meant that surgery would be very risky. They decided to start with chemotherapy to shrink the tumor. Jayden was put under sedation for a whole month while his body underwent chemo. Happily the tumor shrank, but that meant that Jayden had to endure open heart surgery to remove the tumor. The large tumor also infringed on his vocal cords, so the doctors removed part of them during surgery. They put in a trach and a feeding tube so he could properly breathe and eat. Jayden then spent six months in the hospital recovering, and it was ANOTHER six months before he could eat solid food again. 

Jayden is a very strong four-year-old, and his parents are ecstatic to announce that he is now in remission (even though he will continue taking medications and have regular appointments)! He has grown to be an active and fun-loving little guy! Even at the hospital, he was known as a lively kid who loves to play all day long. His favorite show is Ryan’s Mystery Playdate; he has watched Ryan’s videos his whole life! Ryan has been there for him in the toughest times, and Jayden’s biggest wish was to meet him! Ryan was kind enough to meet Jayden via Zoom. He kindly sent him a Ryan’s Hot Air Balloon toy and the boys played and talked for some time before Jayden’s own mystery guest arrived – the Lakeville Fire Department! The firefighters escorted Jayden to Chuck E. Cheese where his wish wrapped up with a fun pizza party, sweet Bundtinis, and games.  He had the time of his life and we hope that he continues to be the happy and healthy Superhero that we know him to be! 

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