Isaac is the youngest sibling in a family of six and you can see by the photos how loved he is by the whole family.  With three older sisters to dote on him, he gets a lot of attention and affection.  Isaac struggles with a series of health complications resulting from Spina Bifida and has spent the majority of his life in and out of the hospital for treatments for his condition.  His specific case affects his bladder and bowels, and he has endured multiple procedures to lessen his symptoms and help him be as mobile and active as possible.  On his wish application, Mom wrote “He has so much joy and happiness and rarely ever lets his physical disability get him down. Everything is exciting to Isaac and he touches almost everyone he meets with his smile.” This happy kid especially loves animals; dinosaurs in particular are his passion. He told our volunteer Wish Wizards that he wished to stay at Give Kids The World and seek out ALL the awesome rides while visiting the Parks in Florida. The Village even has the triceratops from Jurassic Park! His trip kicked off as a HUGE surprise when his family entered his room before dawn and woke him up with the news that he was going to Disney World…. TODAY! This sleepy little boy became instantly alert with an ear to ear smile ☺ Later on that same day in Florida, Mom texted “Our experience has been phenomenal! We are feeling beyond spoiled. Thank you for all you did to help us get here❤️,” and by the end of Isaac’s wish, the whole family was already looking forward to returning to the Village to volunteer and give back.  All of us at Wishes & More are overjoyed to see these smiles and know that this once-in-a-lifetime experience will be a beautiful memory for years to come.   

Isaac in pool
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