Car enthusiasts and gear heads will especially enjoy reading about Garrett’s wish and how it extended into our Scholarship of Hope® program. But let’s first go back to the Spring of 2022, during his senior year of high school, when this tough kid began suffering from constant headaches and blurry vision. Sadly, his Mom knew straightaway what was happening, because years earlier, his younger brother Connor had similar episodes prior to learning he had brain cancer. Garrett immediately underwent surgery and seven days later he walked across the stage to receive his diploma as he bid farewell to high school; and then he began an extensive treatment protocol of radiation and chemo. The treatments sidelined his hopes to begin college in the Fall, but he kept active with farmwork and tinkering with cars. Now let’s fast forward to this past month when Wishes & More proudly supported Garrett with a car allowance to fulfill his wish to purchase a “project car” – an ‘87 Monte Carlo. It will require a lot of restoration, but this is something Garrett is looking forward to working on and learning more about as he begins college at Riverland Community College. Yes, after a one-year delay, he is enrolled this semester for auto mechanics, and Wishes & More is again a proud participant by assisting him with his college expenses through our Scholarship of Hope® grant. He used the first installment of $1,000 toward the purchase of the required Snap On Tools that he needed to fulfill his hands-on classwork. Congratulations, Garrett! We hope you have a great year of school – way to dream big!