One-year-old Emmett has multiple severe medical issues including seizures, cleft lip pallet and panhypopit and spent the first nine weeks of his life hospitalized. Sadly, Emmett is not expected to survive much past his birthday. Consequently, doctors recommended that the family enjoy every precious moment with him at his first, and likely, last Christmas. Emmett’s Grandpa and other elderly and extended family members are unable to travel; and though they keep up with Emmett’s life through email and phone, they had never had the opportunity to meet him. His parents wish, on Emmett’s behalf, was to give them the chance to hold and kiss him in person. They were willing to take on the task of loading all of his survival equipment into a van and embark on a road trip to Kansas and Texas to share him with these loving relatives during this family-based season. In order to make this happen, they turned to us for the financial assistance and arrangements that only our Wishes & More® team could provide…we happily complied and sent them on their way! Thank you to Michael & Sherry Sivo for their generosity in funding Emmett’s wish.