Emari was diagnosed with AML last August and immediately underwent four rounds of chemo and a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, the aggressive treatments didn’t work, and cancer ruthlessly spread throughout her little body. It was at that point when the family reached out to make sure she was able to experience a wish. We immediately approved a wish for a playset and got moving on the request. Things changed after a potentially heroic drug trial appeared to have a miraculous effect on her cancer. At that point, her exhausted family decided they wanted to take a deep breath instead of rushing into a wish and asked to put her playset wish on hold. She remained incredibly weak and fragile and sadly, Emari’s little body could no longer fight the fight. Our primary goal is always to be able to provide a lasting memory or experience for each child; however, when that is not possible, a Memorial grant is given to the grieving parents. Because she never experienced a wish come true from Wishes & More, her parents received a Memorial check to use however they choose to memorialize their sweet girl. Every Memorial check that we write breaks our hearts – but the knowledge that we are still able to support the family provides a beautiful, yet bittersweet way to show we care.