Fourteen-year-old Carter looks like a healthy and athletic kid that belongs on a sports field. And he once was!  He loves the outdoors and enjoys team sports like football, basketball and baseball. Unfortunately, two years ago, he went in for a routine heart screening and after many more months of tests and MRIs, he found out he has a genetic heart condition called Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy. Undetected, his condition could cause cardiac arrest. Consequently, he was told no more sports just one day before he was supposed to be the starting pitcher for his first baseball game of the season. You can only imagine how crushing this was for a young athlete. However, this young man was also raised to know what a champion is – and he faced his season of surgeries and recoveries like a true champ. He is finally stable with a special device to keep his heart beating the way it should and will shock his system, if required. Football is out, but in February he was given the okay to play baseball this summer on his traveling team! Additionally, he found out that Wishes & More was here to grant a wish for him! During his interview, he talked mainly about one thing – a Jet Ski! He has been wishing for a jet ski for a very long time and even had a specific color and model in mind – a blue Seadoo Spark Trixx 2up. Luckily, after a little searching the family found the perfect jet ski and in June of this year, his wish came true! He sent along these photos of him enjoying a few rides along with this note from Mom, “Carter is absolutely loving the jet ski! We went up north over the 4th of July to a family cabin, and he literally spent entire days out on the lake. He’s living his best life for sure, so thank you!” Wishing this champion years of enjoyment on his brand new jet ski!