Little Bud had been in the hospital and on a ventilator since birth and suffered from a chronic lung disease and Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia. He grew, but his lungs did not. His condition required him to be transferred to a Texas Children’s Hospital for a double lung transplant, separating the family for months at a time, but his mother never left his side. Wishes & More® understood the hardships of having the family apart and arranged for Bud’s dad, sister and grandma to visit mom and Bud for a week!

His mother wrote: “I missed them all so much!! We spent the week visiting Bud and checking out the local tourist attractions. We had such a good time and made many memories!! We would like to thank the Wishes & More® organization for granting baby Bud’s wish of having his family visit him here in Houston!!! Thank you!!”

Special thanks to the Ian Spindler Memorial Charity Golf Tournament for sponsoring Bud’s wish, and bringing this family back together!

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