Last September, Chris & Christine became concerned about their 9-month old son, Brice, because he had become irritable and appeared to be in pain. A trip to their pediatrician resulted in a diagnosis of an ear infection and, yet, a couple weeks later, he still wasn’t the healthy, happy baby they knew. Back to the doctor and suddenly, their lives came to an immediate standstill; Brice was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and a brain tumor. He immediately underwent surgery and they learned the shocking news that Brice’s tumor was an Embryonal Tumor with Multilayered Rosettes (ETMR), which is very rare and has a low survival rate. Although doctors met this aggressive tumor with five months of intense treatment, in February, they ran out of options and Brice was given only weeks to live.

After receiving this devastating news, Mom & Dad quickly made the decision to take a leave from their jobs and spend all of their time creating as many memories with fifteen-month-old Brice as possible. They came to Wishes & More with the bucket list they had created for him and talked about creating a wish involving Brice’s newfound enjoyment of swimming and spending time with family. Great Wolf Lodge was the destination in mind and just 10 days after receiving the wish request, Wishes & More had helped Mom & Dad check another item off the bucket list with the fulfillment of his wish. Mom’s sisters live out of town and they, too, made arrangements to join in the wish so that Brice could spend time with his grandparents, three aunties & cousins. The family said their time was “amazing” and they had a blast splashing in the water park, mining for gold, munching on cookies, and building special Great Wolf stuffies. Most importantly, Brice’s wish gave them time with family to create precious, forever memories.

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