Attendees of the 2022 Winter Gala enjoyed Braxton on stage and were captivated by watching him and hearing about his love of superheroes, especially Ironman.  Braxton is an absolute joy of a kid and we were incredibly thrilled to surprise him with the opportunity to meet Ironman, receive some special gifts from him – including a pair of his special sunglasses & a Stark Industries badge, AND let him know that his #1 wish to go to Disney World was planned to start the very next day! Braxton’s personality delighted everyone and he was sure to let Karla know all of his questions before he would agree to go – like who would take care of his pets, how would his teachers know he wasn’t going to be at school and if Grandma could come along.  Enjoy his stage presentation video!

We are happy to report that Braxton had the most wonderful time at Disney with his family! He loved being able to skip the lines, eat ice cream for breakfast, hotdogs by the pool, see Santa, get gifts from the gift fairy and so much more! Braxton was surely a superstar of our show; however, in a thank you note sent by mom, we were again reminded how important a wish is for the entire family.  Enjoy this snippet from Mom’s wish recap thank you note – we hope it makes you feel proud to support our hometown charity!  “Thank you for reminding me there are many people who care. Towards the end of last year I was overwhelmed and it felt like no one understood what parenting a high needs child was like. I was constantly worried about money, worried about Braxton’s health, worried that I wasn’t doing enough to help Braxton and physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. Unfortunately I was not focused on the wonderful people in the world. Your kindness changed my outlook on life and made me realize there are many people who do care and do understand. They say Give Kids the World Village is a place where happiness inspires hope. That is so accurate. Wishes & More is an organization where happiness and kindness inspire hope.”

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