Even though Ben was born just one day shy of 28 weeks, his parents were very optimistic about his chances for survival. Early on, though, it became apparent that his lungs were not very strong and the doctor’s number one priority was for Ben to get to a stable respiratory point. Sadly, Benjamin Thomas passed away peacefully on December 14, 2014.

His parents wrote: “His life was a unique and special gift as he was not meant to be here for long. He has fought the good fight and finished the race in the most courageous of ways. We loved him as best we knew how. We will miss him so incredibly much that words cannot describe it. This has absolutely been the most difficult thing we have ever endured but your constant prayers have kept us covered in grace.”

Wishes & More® gave this special family a memorial grant immediately after he passed so they could memorialize their sweet Ben in any way they chose.

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