10-year-old Ali suffers from kidney disease. Despite her daily struggle with her condition, she is a very delightful young lady who loves chocolate and all sorts of animals, especially dolphins. Ali’s special wish was for a bedroom makeover for her and her sister’s new shared bedroom. Our Wish Wizards were able to team with a local interior designer to create the perfect tropical beach themed room for Ali and her sister. We were so honored to be able to create a place Ali can look forward to and enjoy. Ali writes: “Through all of this stuff in the past 8 years of my life…you have really given me something good to look forward to…I appreciate what you have done for me and I know other kids will too.” Special thanks to  Above All Roofing Co. for funding Ali’s special room makeover!

In 2014 we were excited to present Ali’s Scholarship of Hope grant as she went off to college, and were devastated when it was returned because she had to suddenly leave school due to a failed kidney transplant. She valiantly enrolled again but ended up enduring even more hospital time before doctors finally removed her kidney. She was on dialysis while still focusing on her college dreams when, sadly, she passed away in September of 2015. In memory of Ali, her family decided that all gifts would go to Wishes & More. Her loss is heartbreaking, but our hope is that her loved ones will hold onto the memories of her loving and determined spirit.

Ali was also a fan of drawing and had a lot of time to practice while she was in the hospital. She illustrated a book written by Stacy Raye Waibel, and it was determined that all proceeds from the sales would go to Wishes & More in memory of Ali. Click below for details on how to get your copy of Rudy Gets a Transplant.

Rudy Gets a Transplant – Tribute to AliRudy Gets a Transplant – Tribute to Ali

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