14-year-old Abby suffers from a unique heart condition called Univentricular Heart pulmonary valve atresia, meaning she has valves that obstruct the outflow of blood from the heart to the lungs. Abby’s interest include shopping, sports, animals, and her favorite color is green. Her old room was small and didn’t have much space for her to do her homework, and she had trouble keeping things organized. Wishes & More® was able to re-vamp her entire bedroom, including a new desk and vanity where she could get ready at and also have space to do her homework. And plenty of storage space to keep her things organized. Abby was so excited about her new space, and we were glad we could help give her a bedroom fit for a teen!

Thank you Michael and Sherry Sivo for granting Abby’s wish of a new room makeover!

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