Amy Gunter

Amy Gunter has firsthand experience with the programming of Wishes & More.  In 2009, she and her husband suffered the loss of their infant daughter, Alyssa. The emotional rollercoaster of going through pregnancy and giving birth to a baby girl was completely shattered as they instead suddenly had to plan for a funeral.  Wishes & More provided a Memorial grant for the Gunters which they used for a beautiful and meaningful resting place for Alyssa. Since that time, Amy has been a strong supporter of the mission of Wishes & More stating that she “knows how touching it can be to know that someone is thinking of you and helping to remember your child.”

Amy is the Director of Academic Advising for the College of Science and Engineering (and a huge Gopher fan!).  She and her husband, Mark, enjoy spending as much time as possible with their two sons Matthew and Charlie.  They hope that by sharing their story with others, they will be able to give back to an organization that left a lasting impact on their family.

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